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Hire an Experienced Spokane Veterans Attorney

spokane veterans attorney

If you served your country and are now disabled, you may be eligible for federal disability compensation. Unfortunately, many Spokane veterans confront difficulty proving that their qualifying condition was caused by an in-service accident, sickness, or occurrence during the application procedure.

Allow the Moulton Law Offices in Spokane, WA, and Kennewick, WA staff to assist you. Our VA disability attorneys are happy to work with veterans throughout Spokane and Washington State to obtain Service Connected Disability Benefits from the Veterans Administration.

Why Hire a Spokane Veterans Attorney?

Unfortunately, many veterans may be on hold to discover whether they qualify for financial assistance to assist their families.

Disabled veterans in Washington may be eligible for disability compensation if they show that their qualifying condition was caused by an in-service accident, sickness, or wound. Many veterans encounter difficulty attempting to appeal denials since this is where many individuals face problems. If you are a disabled veteran looking for assistance, we can assist with your case.

The veteran population of Washington State is estimated to be 582,265 people as of 2019, placing it twelfth in the country. The Spokane County area has a significant number of veterans, alongside Seattle.

If you choose to pursue a VA disability claim in Spokane, we can help. We are here to support our veterans and their families throughout this procedure. We will defend all of your legal rights and work tirelessly on your behalf until you receive the compensation you deserve. This process is expedited significantly if you have Moulton Law Offices and our Spokane VA disability lawyers on your side.

Washington VA Statistics

As of 2016, Washington State has:

  • Over 568,000 veterans (over 10 percent of the state’s adult population)
  • About 131,000 veterans who receive VA disability compensation live here.
  • There are currently over 213,000 veterans enrolled in the VA health care system.
  • Over 56 percent of Washington State’s veterans are under 65 years of age, and nearly 13 percent of the state’s veterans are military retirees.

How to Build a Successful Veterans Disability Appeal in Washington State

To obtain service connection for a disability, Spokane veterans must provide the following:

  • A current diagnosis of a medical condition;
  • An event, illness, or injury that occurred during your military service; and
  • A link between medical disease and your in-service illness, event, or injury is a link or nexus.

Your service connection is usually established if your medical condition is connected to your military service. We will collect evidence to establish a clear link between your military service and your medical diagnosis as a client of Moulton Law Offices. If your disability is related to a respiratory problem, we may provide expert testimony from you attesting to your contact with military burn pits. You are one step closer to receiving the compensation you deserve if a physician can show that your respiratory disease was caused by exposure to burn holes.

We’ll look to relevant documentation from your military records and medical history to verify your service connection as a Spokane veteran.

In some situations, the VA makes a presumptive service connection. Suppose you were stationed in the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between April 1, 1968, and August 31, 1971, and have respiratory cancer. In that case, the VA assumes you were exposed to Agent Orange and did not need a nexus to award your claim.

VA Disability Compensation Levels

In addition to obtaining a service connection from the VA, we also want to ensure that you receive an accurate disability rating, as this number determines your monthly payment.

A combined disability rating is a percentage that indicates how disabled you are. It ranges from 0 to 100 percent. A 0 percent rating indicates minimal disability, but it does not entitle you to monthly compensation (but does qualify you for free health care and other amenities). On the opposite end of the scale is a combined 100 percent rating, which signifies a total disability.

VA Process

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers insurance and housing benefits to disabled Spokane veterans, as well as tax-free financial assistance and pension compensation. The VA calculates these payments based on a qualifying veteran’s disability rating and information about dependents.

However, using the internet does not ensure that veterans will be eligible for compensation. The claims procedure may take months. The VA took an average of 143 days to finish disability-related claims as of September 2021.

The Veterans Attorneys in Spokane at Moulton Law Offices can assist you with expediting this claim process. The VA has a Fully Developed Claims program where Spokane veterans may submit all required supporting documentation and evidence with their application.

Our veterans’ disability attorneys can:

  • Look over your application for missing or incorrect information.
  • Gather the supporting evidence you’ll need to prove your claim.
  • We can also make the VA’s decision and assist in appealing if necessary.

VA Lawyers Serving Spokane, Washington

Veterans who were disabled due to an injury or sickness incurred while serving in the military may be eligible for tax-free monthly payments to help them get back on their feet.

A disability can be anything from a physical condition like cancer or an accident to a mental health issue like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our knowledgeable Spokane VA attorneys know how to gather evidence that connects your medical diagnosis to the service-related problem that caused it, allowing you to qualify for compensation.

Effective Representation

Our Spokane veterans attorneys have years of experience assisting individuals in applying for and appealing denied or insufficient benefits. We’re enthusiastic about providing personalized and professional representation to our nation’s veterans and their families because several of our personnel have also served.

We firmly believe all Spokane veterans should be compensated for their sacrifices while serving our country. To discover how we can assist you in obtaining the advantages you deserve, call us at 509-328-2150 today.

Please view this helpful resource from the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs as it lists some great options for taking care of your veteran loved ones.

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