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Kennewick Probate Attorneys – Moulton Law Offices

kennewick probate attorney

Probate describes the process of verifying if a will is legally valid, in addition to formally empowering the designated executors to be able to execute their duties according to the decedent’s final instructions. As experienced Kennewick probate attorneys, Moulton Law is committed to thorough and effective representation of our clients, particularly when it comes to those most vulnerable in our society.

Why Should I Hire a Kennewick Probate Attorney?

Choosing an Experienced Kennewick Probate Attorney

The main duties of any proficient probate attorney is to ensure that their client’s estate administration process is done in a timely manner but also so that financial penalties will be minimal, if not avoided entirely.

Kennewick Probate attorneys regularly help with the preparation of wills and trust documents. Clients can sit down with their lawyer to discuss how they would like their will to be prepared. You can discuss the various types of property that should be given in the will whether that is real estate, vehicles, or jewelry.

A probate attorney can also ensure that any signature requirements are strictly adhered to for all your documents. Attorneys can ensure that the signee giving his or her signature is both mentally and that all Washington State laws are being met.

Always remember that there is no real substitute for years of experience. Estate planning matters can be extremely complicated, and you may want to select an attorney that has been through a wide variety of probate cases, so they know what to do for your case. Many estate planning attorneys will tell you that when it comes to probate law, it’s always best to try and expect the unexpected.

Chances are if you are on this page then you may already be involved in the probate process. If you are an executor, personal representative, or a beneficiary of a loved one who has already passed away, there is a good chance that you may have no other option other than to go through the probate process.

Estate planning attorneys would certainly prefer to help families ahead of time whenever possible to make things much easier on all involved. Planning ahead can often mean less emotional distress to you overall than trying to handle things on the fly after a loved one’s death.

Additional Benefits of Hiring a Kennewick Probate Attorney

While Washington State laws don’t require an executor or personal representative to consult with a Kennewick probate attorney, however those who have been through the probate process will often tell you that it may be in your best interests to get the extra help.

As the executor, you could be burdened with a series of critical functions along with several complicated legal responsibilities at the same time. Worse, you would be the one held liable for any errors you make in the creation of your estate planning or probate documents.

Additionally, even unintentional errors can create extensive delays, draining the estate of its funds, and this is almost certain to cause discontentment within the family. Lastly, most people would simply rather not have to step in front of a probate judge if it can be avoided, and it easily can be – if you hire an estate planning attorney.

We recommend you select an attorney that is not only experienced, but also free from conflicts of interest, and one who is dedicated to resolving your probate affairs with a timely and cost-effective approach.

At Moulton Law Offices P.S., we’re always here to help! We strive to represent each client in the way that best aligns with their unique financial goals.

We are not only licensed to practice law within Washington but Idaho as well. If you live nearby in Richland, Pasco, Kennewick, Finley, Benton City, Prosser, Grandview, Sunnyside, Burbank, Walla Walla, Desert Aire, Mattawa, or Othello, please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation and get started with your estate planning so you can avoid a protracted probate process. Call our office at 509-328-2150 today to see what we can do for your family.

Visit this page to read more about Washington State probate laws from FindLaw. Or read the actual RCW from the Washington State legislature.

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