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Yakima Power of Attorney

While your will is your means of expressing your wishes about your estate upon your death, there is another scenario in which you need to communicate instructions about your financial affairs. If you are incapacitated because of illness or injury, you are limited in dealing with your assets. However, by preparing a power of attorney that complies with Washington estate planning laws, you can appoint an agent to act on your behalf if you cannot. In your POA, you can also state your intentions regarding management of your finances to give your agent guidance.

To ensure that your power of attorney works as you intend, it is smart to work with an experienced estate planning law firm. You are signing over significant authority to your POA agent, so you need assurance that all criteria are met. Please contact Moulton Law Offices to learn how we assist with these documents. We are happy to schedule a case review with a Yakima power of attorney expert, and some basics are helpful.

Key Provisions in Your POA

The function of a power of attorney for your finances and property is to name an agent who will follow your instructions about managing these matters. Some specific points about POAs include:

  • When choosing an agent, make sure it is someone you trust and who is willing to take on the role.
  • You can include special instructions about assets, along with the default provisions that describe the agent’s powers.
  • It is critical to appoint a successor agent in case your first choice is unable or passes away.

Benefits of Preparing a Power of Attorney

A top advantage of creating a POA for property is that you avoid court. If you are incapacitated without a power of attorney, there is no one who can legally act on your behalf. A loved one will need to go to court and have a guardian appointed to manage your property. The process is costly and time-consuming, subjecting your assets to waste until a guardian is named.

A related benefit is that you can provide specific instructions and express your intentions with a POA. Alternatively, even once a guardian is appointed, they will not know these details.

Assistance from a POA Lawyer

At Moulton Law Offices, we will tackle the necessary tasks to ensure your power of attorney is solid and works according to your plan. We will consult with you to get details about your agent and assets. A Washington estate planning attorney will also discuss the specifics when you want to include instructions about certain property. Our follow up services include logistical support with storage and making copies.

Consult with a Yakima Power of Attorney Law Firm About Options

When you consider the importance of a POA for your financial matters, you can see the need for skilled representation. You can count on Moulton Law Offices to advise you and ensure all formalities are in place for signing. Please contact us to set up a consultation with a Yakima estate planning lawyer who will provide personalized advice.

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