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Yakima Living Wills & Advance Directives Lawyers

When considering Washington estate planning options, many people tend to focus on what happens at their death and overlook how their lives might be affected by incapacity. Your need for managed medical care may remain high, especially if you have a condition that is terminal or are facing an end-of-life situation. Without the ability to communicate with your health care providers, there are considerable limitations on getting the care you intend. By preparing a living will / advance directive you close the communication gap, because you express your intentions regarding different types of treatment before incapacity.

There are specific requirements for preparing a living will / advance directive, and it is critical that you fully comprehend how it works. Legal advice is essential for these and other estate planning documents, so please contact Moulton Law Offices to learn more about your options. We can set up a consultation with a Yakima living wills/advance directives attorney, though some background is informative.

Overview of Incapacity Planning

A living will is one of several estate planning options that cover incapacity, and others address financial matters. The advance directive focuses on medical care and your wishes to either deny, withdraw, or approve treatment that you find objectionable. You might include provisions to express your intentions on:

  • Providing nutrition and hydration;
  • Use of ventilators and respirators for breathing support;
  • CPR and defibrillators; and,
  • Your general approach and feelings about treatment, to give insight in situations that are not specifically indicated.

When you do not have a living will, expensive guardianship proceedings may be necessary. However, even if someone is appointed as your guardian during incapacity, they are unaware of the decisions you would make if you could. An advance directive gives them guidance in conversations with your health care providers and caregivers.

How Our Team Can Help

Your living will is an effective way to stay involved in your treatment and end-of-life care, even if indirectly due to your incapacity. It is your way to be present to communicate your wishes, so proper preparation of an advance directive is vitally important. Moulton Law Offices will assist with all essential tasks to ensure your document functions as you intend. Our Washington estate planning lawyers help with living wills / advance directives by:

  • Consulting with you on your wishes for medical and end-of-life care;
  • Detailing the legal impact of your living will;
  • Handling formalities for signing your advance directive, which requires neutral witnesses who are not beneficiaries of your estate plan; and,
  • Explaining follow up, including recommendations on storage and giving copies to providers, family, and loved ones.

Speak to a Yakima Living Wills/Advance Directives Lawyer Today

As you can see, our team at Moulton Law Offices will assist with all essential tasks for preparing living wills / advance directives. For more information, please contact us to schedule a consultation with a lawyer. Our Yakima living wills lawyer will advise you on different ways to protect your interests if you become incapacitated.

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