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Estate Planning Seminars

Dealing with our mortality or possible incapacitation is undoubtedly challenging, which often results in many people delaying crucial estate planning. Nonetheless, we at Moulton Law Offices hold your wishes paramount when it comes to the management and distribution of your assets. We’ve dedicated over 25 years to streamlining the estate planning process, allowing families to move forward confidently, knowing that their estate affairs have been organized diligently.

In the face of adversity, will your family experience the manifestation of your love and care? Or will they be left grappling with legal fees, estate taxes, and court visits, adding to their stress?

Join us for our comprehensive estate planning seminar, where renowned attorney Mike Gunning will delve into key concepts, such as Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, Wills, Trusts, Medicaid Asset Protection, Probate, and Estate Taxes. Using the example of a typical couple, Bill and Mary, with diverse aspirations for their children, a pet, a home, and modest assets, Mr. Gunning will clarify how the law can serve or hinder them throughout their journey. He’ll demonstrate how an astute estate plan can save significant resources and spare unnecessary tension.

When you attend our seminar, you’ll learn how to orchestrate a foolproof estate plan by leveraging legal structures to sustain the most favorable results for you and those you hold dear. All attendees will also enjoy a free one-hour consultation with an Estate Planning Attorney, an offer worth $300.

Experience Moulton Law Offices’ commitment to making estate planning less daunting. We’ve proudly served families for over two decades, guiding them through the complexities of estate planning. With our depth of experience and commitment to your wishes, we can help ensure that your loved ones won’t be weighed down with legal complications under challenging times.

In our seminar, you’ll not only learn from the expertise of Attorney Mike Gunning but also benefit from a hands-on, practical approach to understanding estate planning. Using the example of a regular couple, our seminar makes legal concepts relatable and straightforward. Why let the law work against you when it can work in your favor with proper estate planning?

Remember, the best outcome for you and your loved ones is just a seminar away. Get the peace of mind you deserve and leave our seminar with the knowledge to structure an effective estate plan. Attend our seminar and schedule your complimentary consultation with an Estate Planning Attorney – a $300 value, absolutely free. Plan today for a secure tomorrow with Moulton Law Offices.

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