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Kennewick Special Needs Trust Lawyers

At a very basic level, a special needs trust can be used to provide for the comfort and well-being of a person with a disability, a senior citizen, or an incapacitated adult. However, special needs trusts also have another use that is more sophisticated. These types of trusts can be used as part of an asset protection strategy for a spouse or parent without the need for them being consumed by the expense of long-term care for the incapacitated adult or disabled child. Our Kennewick special needs trust lawyer has helped many clients establish and create these trusts so they can achieve their own personal goals.

What are Special Needs Trusts Used For?

Also sometimes referred to as supplemental needs trusts, a special needs trust can be designed in a manner that allows the beneficiary of the trust to receive the Medicaid benefits they need to live in comfort and with dignity. Meanwhile, the person who sets up the trust can also ensure their assets are protected. One of the main benefits of a special needs trust is that there is no look back period for using the trust for the purposes of obtaining Medicaid or SSI benefits.

The laws pertaining to the use of special needs trusts to obtain government benefits are extremely complicated and they also change often. Our experienced attorney works in this field every day and understands the complex laws governing them and how to use them to help you achieve your goals.

How Can Our Kennewick Special Needs Trusts Lawyer Help?

It is always advised that you work with a Kennewick special needs trusts lawyer when trying to protect your loved ones. Again, establishing these trusts is very complicated, but a lawyer will know how to overcome any challenges that may arise. When establishing a trust, a lawyer will:

  • Create a special needs trust and include it as part of an estate plan for parents of disabled children or relatives of an incapacitated adult,
  • Create a special needs trust when a disabled person is about to receive an inheritance or a settlement from a lawsuit that could cause them to otherwise lose the critical government benefits they need,
  • Provide sound advice to people with a disability, their relatives or advocates, about government benefits that could be available and how a special needs trust can make individuals eligible for them,
  • Advise both family member and professional trustees about how to administer the trust so important benefits are protected,

A lawyer will work closely with you during the creation of the trust and customize it to the needs of the beneficiary and to enhance financial security through a combination of the assets that fund the trust, as well as government benefits.

Book an Appointment with Our Special Needs Trust Lawyer in Kennewick

At Moulton Law Offices, P.S., our Kennewick special needs trusts lawyer can explain the complex nature of these estate planning tools so you fully understand how they work and how they can provide the protection you need. Call us now at 1-509-328-2150, #9090 or connect with us online to book an appointment with our experienced attorney.

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