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Will a Washington Revocable Trust Shield My Assets from Creditors?

By Moulton Law Offices, P.S. |

In estate planning, we often use revocable living trusts as a tool to help clients bypass the probate process. A trust is a legal arrangement where you transfer title to certain property to a trustee. The trustee then manages that property on behalf of the beneficiaries named in the trust document. With a revocable… Read More »

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asset protection trusts washington state

Asset Protection Trusts in Washington State

By Moulton Law Offices, P.S. |

In an era of financial uncertainties, protecting your hard-earned wealth is paramount. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a high-net-worth individual, safeguarding your assets from potential creditors, lawsuits, or bankruptcies is a cornerstone of sound financial planning. This article takes a deep dive into asset protection trusts, comparing the pros and cons of revocable living… Read More »

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Happy senior couple having breakfast with their grandchildren at home

Protect Your Children w/ an Inheritance Trust

By Moulton Law Offices, P.S. |

A family inheritance trust can be an essential tool in the estate planning process because they are often necessary to prevent misuse by inheritance beneficiaries. Since inheritance trusts typically do not require court supervision, you can protect your children’s inheritance from their spouse in the event of divorce or your child’s death. A family… Read More »

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